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Chamber One ~ Developing a Relationship with Yourself

The first chamber and pillar is focused on developing a relationship with yourself. In this phase the students learn what it takes to deveop this connection. They explore many different aspects of this relationship in depth and are expected to read book one, "The Heart's Unraveling," which is studied in all of the chambers.

  • Students learn what the Heart's Unraveling means and its implication.
  • They learn about the heart blueprint they have inherited and how to sustain a healthy heart.
  • They learn about releasing the destructive aspects of who they are and use love as a means for growth.
  • They learn to unravel dysfunctional societal and family heart patterns and they begin to learn how to be emotionally honest with themselves and others.
  • They explore the massive heart changes that begin to occur as a results of their heart studies.
  • Students examine the existence of things and people that look like love but are not love at all (referred to as the counterfeit heart).
  • They learn about accessing higher knowledge through the heart and about the power of heart wisdom.

Chamber Two ~ Intimacy

Chamber two, the second pillar, focuses the student's attention on intmacy. In this phase the students expand and grow by integrating:

  • How old societal patterns affect intimacy.
  • The formula for creating the fertile grounds for intimacy to emerge.
  • The re-emergence of true heart power and Divine Love.
  • Accepting personal responsibility for creating sacred trust and how to develop and sustain intimacy.
  • Developing intimacy outside romantic relationships.
  • Emotional availability, generosity and sensitivity and how it is related to intimacy.
  • Communication skills and how they pertain to intimacy, in other words learning to express what your heart feels in an honest and constructive way.
  • Developing the skill of opening and allowing others to be close to you.
  • Learning how to practice discernment using heart wisdom to make choices.
  • The heart truth which states that in order to know intimacy you must first know yourself intimately and want to be a part of this life experience.

Chamber Three ~ The Heart's Divine Connection

The third chamber and pillar of the foundation focuses the student's attention on personal spiritual identity. In this phase of study the student learns the profound value of:

  • How the old societal patterns affect the heart's divine connection.
  • Facing their spiritual side and the value of going slow and deep into themselves.
  • Exploring whether your true heart self knows its way to God.
  • Exploring the spaces beyond the mind, thought and speech.
  • Learning about stillness, silence and the value of feelings.
  • Learning a deeper avenue to spirituality that entails Divine Love,
  • Walking through the Gates to their new Divine Connection and allowing the power of love into this world.
  • Re-establighing the Heart's Divine power, Divine authority and Divine connection.
  • Mastering the massive changes that this shift produces in their personal spirituality.

Chamber Four ~ Service and Soul Mission

The fourth pillar and final phase of the curriculum focuses on expanding the student's understanding of their soul mission and service whether it be local, national or global. In this phase of study the student focuses on:

  • Bringing the other three chambers into alignment with this last one, creating the four pillars for their new heart foundation.
  • Exploring what soul missions are and what they have to do with the heart's happiness and fulfillment.
  • Exploring what their belief systems hold about service and where those ideas come from.
  • Deleting the destructive aspects of service and bringing in the new fomula for it.
  • Preparing themselves to be a true leader so that the true heart can fully express itself.
  • Studying the heart princicples that the authentic heart leaders are to hold.
  • Learning the fulfillment that comes from accessing their souls and purifying their hearts.
  • The power of gratitude and joy.

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