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  Heart School

Major Divine Love Entry through Dec. 21, 2012

Have you been wondering what’s really going to happen on Dec. 21, 2012? Come and learn about inter-dimensional races of love, what they are planning, what a gateway is, and how this new and powerful Divine Love entry is bringing new clarity to the changes necessary in the current planetary course. Hear the original story of how they got here, the matrix they will replace, the changes occurring within their own internal structures, and how you can become a part of the change.
(For metaphysical audiences)

What’s Going on Behind the Scenes
Is There More to this Than Meets the Eye?

This event will delve into the pressing core of Maria Lucia newest novel, Liberation, and the question of whether there are other existences that we can’t see that are affecting us. From famous physicists to the recent massive increase in the art of paranormal research, better known as ghost-hunting, it is becoming evident that humanity wants to know the truth in respects to the existence of other dimensions. In the novel, the existence of these realities is not only proposed but is revealed as one of humanity's biggest threats and saving graces at the present. Maria Lucia will speak to this and expand upon the possibility that dimensions we cannot see are not only a reality, but are affecting the course of our planet today, some for the better and some for the worse.
(For paranormal and metaphysical audiences)

Freeing Your Deepest Self

Many of us have locked ourselves down creatively with trapped unexpressed feelings, traumatic life episodes, and the paralyzing fear of being judged. This lecture addresses the art of freeing your creative potential. Whether you are a businessman, musician, artist, author, or use movement as a vehicle of expression, you will gain tremendously from the topics addressed and the exercises you will participate in. This lecture is truly for those who know they have to go beyond where they are to get to the next level, that they must bring forth more of themselves to get there.
(a lecture/ workshop experience for all audiences)

Appearance fee on a case-by-case basis.

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