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Book One of The Andrusian Chronicles


Shinning the Light on the Supernatural Syndicate: August 30, 2012

Seven souls join forces way before some of them are even born into the humanity that populates the Earth of the present. Along their lives, which take place throughdifferent areas of the planet, they begin to remember this amazing part of their destiny. They have come to Earth for a reason. The fact that they have        embodied a human form isn’t just a random happening and their meeting each other is not either. Amora Madre, Gabriel Ephraim, Roger Reddington, Casey, Nia and the Presidents Mawari and Guardian Mother have a mission to execute at this time on the planet, an important one.
Liberation Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles echoes so many aspects of what many people feel today. It is a paranormal fantasy that stands on its own in this era where December 21st, 2012, the year and date predicted, by so many to bring about so many changes, is around the corner. What could those changes be? Liberation suggests that maybe those changes have to do with understanding that there are dimensions beyond what the human eye can see. It suggests that many people have a bigger purpose than they perceive. It hints on the fact that there may be life on other planets. For Amora and Gabriel, the two soul mates in the book, it becomes apparent. They have come for a purpose, to unveil the existence of a dark supernatural syndicate manipulating humanity’s destiny. What’s their goal? To help free the human race from this so that it can move forward.  It becomes apparent that they are a part of something bigger that is going on behind the scenes, a supernatural intelligence agency that monitors worlds. Liberation challenges the reader to go deeper. It uses real time events to ignite the passion of the reader and cause him or her to consider that there may be some truth to the pages.  This book is one of the most revealing stories of how the bigger picture of present Earth, and of humanity’s path, may look. It shines the light on the existence of the dark supernatural syndicate for a reason. What do you believe?
Knowing the Difference: April 4 2012  
Are you having and harder and harder time finding programs on the T.V. that you really want to watch? Have you noticed that even the nature shows and so filled with violence that you can’t watch them anymore? How about people? Do you ever hear someone say something that is so different from what you believe that you don’t even understand how they could think that way? Well maybe things are a little different than we’ve been told. Maybe something else is happening that hasn’t reached your awareness. Just for a moment let Liberation and the Andrusian Chronicles become reality. Let the idea that there are many spirits inhabiting human bodies that are from different races in our Universe and beyond be true. Let the idea that native humans were overtaken by dark and light races from outer space and that there are few native humans left. What if that were true? 
That would mean that planet Earth is filled with spirits that have colossally different social structures, intentions, sense of values, and soul directives. A soul directive is the core essence that drives an individual in life. For some souls it’s the desire to destroy, for some it’s the desire to conquer for some it’s the desire to oppress and for some it’s the desire to love. As Liberation suggests these very different beings are all in human bodies but are not all the same. 
Imagine that there is a structure so small that our eyes can’t see it or our instruments detect it but that it nevertheless guides everything that manifests on this planet and in this universe. It is called a matrix or a Universal fabric, a combination of components that direct everything that is manifested into matter. In our case here on Earth and in our Milky Way the core matrix is based on duality bringing tension, explosions, re-organizing matter through violent means , whether it’s on a sub-atomic level or on a planetary level. Things explode, rip apart, destroy their surroundings, birth again, consume, and morph into various shapes from this process. 
Now imagine that there are other matrixes, in other universes like in my book Liberation. Imagine that there a races that exist there just like the one we have here on Earth and that they have mastered dimensional travel. The soul directive of these races is different. Everything is done differently there. The core physics of the matrix is not based on violence and explosions and ripping things part. The core physics there is designed through harmonics and sound, changing through very gentle yet powerful methods. Imagine that members of these places are on Earth too, right now, attempting to show humanity how to achieve something better.
Just like in Liberation maybe predators going out every day and killing a live being sometimes alive then ripping it apart is not the only way to feed. Maybe perpetuating diseases until a soul is so tortured that it takes lifetimes to heal it is not the only choice. Maybe, if we can just open ourselves to a different possibility, one would manifest and last. Liberation is filled with this hope. It not only suggests that we’re not alone but that there is help right here right now to move us to a better place. We have to give up the notion that everyone is here for the same purpose. We have to give up the idea that love and hate can co-exist. One will surely destroy the other I can assure you. In a world where there is no violence of any kind there is no place for predators of any kind because the matrix doesn’t sustain it. It just simply doesn’t exist. Learn to tell the difference between what Love would create and what darkness would create. Look around you.
Throw these ideas I’ve mentioned around, let yourself play with their potential and let The Andrusian Chronicles take you on a journey that will uplift your life!

Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Maria and Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Contemplating the fate of the Earth takes on a whole new perspective when you're looking at it from outer space. Just ask Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo astronaut who traveled to the moon in January 1971.
Dr. Mitchell shared some of his insights when he was honored at the Leonardo da Vinci Society for the Study of Thinking's annual luncheon, held at the University of Advancing Technology, in Tempe, Arizona last month.
No doubt about it, this famous scientist has been thinking Big Thoughts since his famous foray into outer space. He warned the luncheon's attendees about the danger of using up the planet's resources. He shared his belief that life exists on other planets, using energy sources we have yet to discover. And, above all, Mitchell has become acutely aware of our “universal connectedness” and how we, the inhabitants of Planet Earth, hold the power of choice to create great things or destructive ones. “As the twenty-first century begins to unfold, I find myself greatly concerned with the significant increase in violence and lawlessness in the world, which detracts from the critical need to collectively address protection of the environment and the larger issue of sustainability of our civilization,” he wrote in his book, The Way of the Explorer.
And isn't that what Liberation: Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles is all about? For the world (and especially the United States) to move forward, we need to reconnect with The Universal Current and tap into the wellspring of love that we've lost touch with. Love Mother (Amora Madre) and Silent Watcher (Gabriel) learned about how the dark, supernatural powers of Hakan and Tadashi were able to impact everything from the U.S. Constitution to the global economic system and are still doing so today.
While the Andrusians didn't understand darkness and malevolence, it is — sadly to say — a fact of life every day here on Planet Earth. The shadow predator races are very much among us, as we see greed consume our resources at an alarming rate, friction between countries keep the specter of nuclear war ever-present and the conscious distortion of critical information prevent us from clearly seeing the real issues at hand and what's at stake.
“Two dominant paths race to manifest themselves at this time, with two different destinies,” said President Mawari (Chapter Twelve). “One brings acute suffering, death, and destruction for humanity, the animals, and the oceans...the other ushers in a new era in which humanity lives and the Earth flourishes.”
Maybe Dr. Mitchell is ready to join Love Mother, Silent Watcher and the Intergalactic Supernatural Intelligence Agency in their quest to vanquish the evils confronting our Earth.

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