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The Beginning of the Alignment for December 21, 2012

Posted Tuesday, November 27th, 2012


The Beginning of the Alignment for December 21, 2012


As I promised, information is beginning to trickle in concerning our alignment for this auspicious date. There is plenty of information out there stating both that this is surely an important time and that nothing at all is special about it. I must tell you that whether or not anything happens on the physical something is most definitely happening in the spiritual. The divine realms are in action and preparing to unite with us on that day. It is important to prepare for this.

The combined efforts from here on Earth and from the unseen worlds will create an opening so to speak, between dimensions that will in fact cause an increase or summoning of energies for humanity’s evolutionary process. Those of us with physical bodies have the responsibility to coordinate a structure within our groups or at home upon which this amazing entry of Divine Love will ground. What will this look like for us?

We will split our groups up into sections that day, which will represent the various sectors of our race. For example one section of your group will gravitate towards “The Immediate Needs” of humanity. They will represent and SPEAK for all humans and organizations of integrity that are out there feeding the hungry, housing the poor, representing the voiceless in terms of food, water and shelter for all on December 21, 2012 you will speak out for Divine Intervention on their behalf in your group. Be specific.

Another section of your group will focus on “The Systemic Changes” destined for our world to move into sustainability. This group will spend time talking within themselves and out loud in the circle on behalf of these changes, the way they will come about and the people bringing them into form. You too will be speaking out and asking for Divine Intervention from these spiritual realms on behalf of these crucial changes. You can write these down and design them with your groups.

The third section of people in your groups will be focusing on “The Shifts in Consciousness” necessary to move into this next phase of our evolution. You will focus and SPEAK on the different aspects involved such as visualization, intention, learning the techniques for expanding the spiritual self, and what the “Core” of the new spiritual matrix will hold in it with Divine Love at its center. Remember, Divine Love will lead in this next phase of evolution.

Each group will literally hold a piece of the Ascension in store for humanity and will speak it out loud to augment the clarity and the entry of it as we open the portal or doorway and unite with the spirit realms on behalf of Earth and the Human Race on December 21, 2012.. Please know that your voice will be heard as part of humanity speaking, so don’t hesitate to ask for Divine Intervention with passion!

There will more as we get closer. May Love Prevail on Earth!  November 2012 The Choose Love Campaign