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The Importance of Love 4/29/13

Posted Monday, April 29th, 2013
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Hi there,

As you probably can tell I’m into speaking out and promoting the attitude of love. I find it largely overpowered by violence  right now and I’m upset. Love isn’t something guaranteed in our society interestingly enough, it has to be chosen by the population as an attribute worth keeping. We could loose it or diminish its presence to a point it ceases to be something valued. Love isn’t just relationships, love is a way of being a societal structure I believe truly can exist if we want it. We’ve gotten to a point where love is seen as something we are ashamed to own, or certainly not worth talking about. Guns seem to be more important, politics, gaining status, or technological advances. Love seems smothered by powerful and  violent global events which in my opinion show us how far away  we’ve gotten from it. Love is chosen, by a society or a race, and every being is presented with the responsibility of augmenting it or allowing it to disappear. Don’t fool yourself, it is struggling for its survival right now. I created a campaign then a web site then a trilogy to keep it alive, to keep it in the mix of our endless sea of online information. I realize it means something different for everybody, but never ever did love include violence in its definition.

I asked my friends what else they felt we could do to keep even the word love seen and they told me to keep writing in my blog. So here I am in hopes that somewhere out there other people feel the same way. Truthfully, its really hard to do this, specially when so many people almost hate the word. I don’t and I will continued to put it out there in messages and postings, to bring hope.

Lastly let me update you on my writings. I’ve been completing the second book of the trilogy. For those of you just coming on board, I’m writing a Paranormal Fantasy with a light sci/fi flare about the story of a race of Love beings called the Andrusians. The story folds out in a galactic way and is portrayed in parts on the web site for you to visit if you are into that sort of thing. As far as the second book, its off to the editors! Meanwhile I’m readjusting a bit. I lost my agent this year because of a family tragedy on her end. So I’m hoping to find a new one and as you know this takes time. The story of love continues nevertheless as I’m beginning to work on the third manuscript.

I will keep you updated.

Till then, Love, Love, Love

Maria Lucia