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Book One of The Andrusian Chronicles

.Meet The Cast   
President Mawari

President Mawari: is one of the Presidents of ISIA (The Intergalactic Supernatural Intelligence Agency). He is a regal soul and holds deep soul maturity. He holds the office of presidency with Guardian Mother, his beloved partner. Mawari holds many ethnic races within his being and look, and has a golden skin tone, and a deep resounding voice of gentleness mixed with authority. He is a powerful celestial being and wears the robes of deep royal blue and gold of celestial palaces. The intelligence agency is such a place. He is a gentleman and many times holds a talisman in his right hand with an eagle and dove on one side and a lion and lamb in the other made of a precipitated material which resembles wood.

He is a no-nonsense leader and is highly evolved. He has been at ISIA for thirty years. His office is masculine and elegant with a large mahogany desk and castle-like chair carved with details in which he sits. His shelves are filled with books from the floor to the ceiling and in the far corner there is a tw0-foot by two-foot holographic sphere that turns and is suspended in the air.

Casey and Nia

Casey and Nia are twins siblings from a race of love beings called The Onaweyans. [Ó-nuh-way-uhns]

They are a part of the Seraphim Order and can be dense or spirit. They are small, like children about nine years of age, are winged but with wings like water, and communicate in very high tones that are not in our language. These two are some of the elders of their race and work for ISIA . They are Amora’s, the leading lady’s, childhood friends. They have learned to speak Earth’s language and use our tones to deliver a message. They are powerful immortal dimensional messengers who love to play.

Casey’s specialty is dimensional protection and delivering high-level messages to important places. He has brown hair and brown eyes and looks translucent sometimes. He is very brave. He loves Amora Madre and protects her many times when she goes away on missions to other worlds. He can sometimes be mischievous though, and do things he is not supposed to do. He has a will of his own. He is very concerned about Planet Earth and has come with Nia to help.

Nia is very strong; her name means “Champion.” In the Love Worlds she is known as a champion in traveling through difficult places to achieve her mission. She has light brown hair, green eyes, and wears a crown of some sort. She is feminine, yet strong and brilliant. Even though she is from another world she can blend and merge with the nature spirits who have become her friends. She visits them often to play and get updates about the condition of the animals and nature, and reports to other worlds.

But Nia and Casey have come to Earth as part of an Andrusian strike team created to help unveil an evil supernatural syndicate that holds humanity captive in our current times. Passionate beyond words about their mission, they stay in spirit form much of the first thirty years of their time on Earth. Intimately close to Amora Madre, they become invisible playmates to her as a child. They play during much of their time together at first, and Nia becomes quite attached to the natural world. She especially loves turtles and picks them up and brings them home all of the time. But the Onaweyans have seen many things and know much that they are not telling. They await the secret call to action many nights while Amora sleeps. They hardly ever sleep.

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