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Book One of The Andrusian Chronicles


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Maria is the Paranormal Romance Guild's
featured author for November 2011

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  Maria Lucia reads from “Liberation”

Maria Lucia tells how the paranormal, multidimensional, intergalactic story of the battle to reclaim the soul of America in Washington DC, and how the fight for love's emergence on Earth came to be. Drawing from quantum physics, astronomy, intuition, and personal experience, she describes the book's central theme, and reads selected excerpts at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ , July 21, 2011


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Liberation book cover


Published by Andrusian Press

ISBN 978-0-9844755-4-4
$16.95 soft cover | $9.99 e-book

Available at and


Feburary 2, 2013

Maria Lucia contributes to DeJonDe Magazine. Check it out!


March, 2013
Tina Earthchild Gibrelibanos, a reader, Washington, D.C.

The book was absolutely amazing. It was a fast moving story that pulled me in from the beginning. I found myself in awe of the author’s spiritual knowledge. I know when this story was written the author had to make it a Sci-Fi because most don’t understand or believe that depth of the spirit realm and wouldn’t be able to accept the story otherwise, however, I totally get it and it is the absolute truth on so many levels. I have now been inspired to find a way to share the stories I know in a way that people in “the know” will be able to receive it. Liberation has enlightened my understanding. Loved it! Can’t wait for the next one.

September 29, 2012
Effie Bauer, Gilbert, AZ

I finished reading Liberation: Book One of The Andrusian Chronicles last week and still it is on my mind. The book is delightfully imaginative and interesting. The charachters are unique and exciting. Amora and Gabriel interesting..Casey & Nia delightful. Can't wait for Part Two of this exciting adventure.

March 2011 - The Paranormal Romance Guild Five stars
Miko Cabatic, Reviewer

Ms. Lucia has written a captivating and enriching story. She has taken the reality we know and merged it with another that is out of this world. Her ability to engulf the reader in this alternate reality is a testament to her fantastic writing skills. I found myself rooting for Amora and Gabriel through each conflict, and hoping in crazed anticipation that everything will work out for both of them. Casey and Nia are delightful characters that, for reasons unknown to myself, had me smiling almost every time they entered the scene.
Liberation is a superb novel. Ms. Maria Lucia provided me an amazing escape from my reality. I look forward to the next in the series of the The Andrusian Chronicles.

March 2011 - New Spirit Journal:

Once in awhile a novel comes along that doesn’t follow a traditional recipe. Liberation combines science-fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and contemporary politics into a metaphysical dish just right for the Aquarian Age palate. The story centers in Washington, D.C. and follows Amora Madre as she discovers the deeper truth of her own existence, and then becomes a key part of a galactic strike force battling to free the earth from the hold of dark forces. Liberation is a great read for those who enjoy using their imagination while reading fiction with a metaphysical twist. Read...

November, 2o10 - Midwest Book Review : Five stars

Liberation is an exciting work of fantasy, highly recommended. More...

June 2011 - DeDe Dennis, Feng Shui Master and Author Five stars

I could hardly put Liberation down from the moment I started reading it! I didn’t want to answer the phone or be disturbed in any way — I was so engrossed in the lives of the characters. The book kept me spell-bound right to the end which had me longing for more. Maria weaves a tale so compelling that I had dreams about the Andrusians and their desperate quest to save mankind.  This book is a must-read for lovers of the Star Wars trilogy and Lord of the Rings.

“And the truth shall set you free” Five stars
Amazon review by Freedom rings, March 7, 2011

I could hardly put Liberation down... the story is rich with experience from a spiritual teacher... one must use their own intuition to tell what parts are real and which are fantasy... or is it all true...? The players are obvious characters from our current day spiritual “teams” that many of the new age collective think are their guides and helpers. This book is brilliantly written and is a forewarning to the spiritual naive.

“5 Out of 5 Stars” Five stars
Amazon review by Michael Becker, April 18, 2011

A thinking person's book. Yes of course it is a fun read, but you can't help but think and enjoy the subtleness of the plot and characters. Just a few pages in the book blossoms into a story to treasure. Can't wait for the sequels.

“Paranormal Romp” Five stars
Amazon review by Abrkey, March 20, 2011

Liberation is a fast-paced paranormal romp through the under workings of the world. Liberation explores the light and dark forces at work behind the scenes of both everyday life, and the national and international leadership. If you have ever felt like there are powers out there pulling the world in different directions, Liberation is a book for you. I highly recommend it for all paranormal fans.

January, 2011 - Karen Robison, Five stars

If you want to read something that will take you on an incredible journey for enjoyment, information, or wisdom, take the time to read Maria Lucia's new book Liberation: Book 1 of the Andrusian Chronicles. It will open your eyes to many possibilities. You will be anxiously waiting for Book II.

July, 2010 - Paige Lovitt, Reader Views: Five stars

What if one day you suddenly discover that nothing is as it really appears to be? You find out that your imaginary friends from childhood are real, just not real human. You learn that there are supernatural forces at work that are responsible for horrible events that are occurring in the United States. Talk about experiencing a paradigm shift! More...

July, 2010 - Cecelia Sepp, Five stars

Many great adventures begin with the heroine finding out she is not who she thinks she is. Liberation takes this ancient theme and retells it for the 21st Century. More...

from Judy A. Worman, Five stars
Former Dartmouth College Senior Lecturer:

I was electrified and uplifted by the storyline of Liberation, spellbound by its creativity. It makes you want to keep reading until the book ends.

December, 2010 - Ernie Haycraft, a reader: Five stars

I will send Liberation off to you for your signature as soon as my daughter Timbrelyn finishes it. She grabbed it as soon as I put it down. I am still missing the characters. It is a beautiful story with an incredible underlying message for us! Her best friend Megan is well into it too. We all pray that it becomes a movie! The message is so positive and powerful. It seems to be making the rounds through my daughter Timbre’s friends. They are all praying for a movie version and will be watching for future sequels. I haven’t seen high school kids after a book so much since the Twilight books.

January, 2011 - Aeron Goldhart, Five stars
CEO of Tesla Energy Lights, a reader

FINALLY THE TRUTH! Maria must be very well-connected and aligned to bring this in at a time humanity needs an alternative path to the apparent course of destruction we see right before our eyes. I feel The Andrusian Chronicles provides the reader with permission to easily evaluate one's own human evolution destiny. There are choices we need to make now so we can return to what we are intended to be as heart beings. Thanks for the wake-up call, Maria!

July, 2010 - Ashford Chancelor, a reader: Five stars

In today’s world, people are very uneasy. The economic downturn and incessant news about climate change, the rapid deterioration of the environment and concerns about terrorist activity and personal safety are fueling trepidation about the future. More...

from Arun Sardana, a reader: Five stars

An intriguing and gripping account of a world that sometimes merges fiction with reality.  It transports you to a time where the eternal struggle between good and evil is both thrilling and evocative.  The sense of being whirled around in rapid motion, and then thrown onto a beautiful meadow where peace and tranquility reside, is captivating throughout this book...if you enjoy rapid-fire events, merging, twirling and changing into something unexpected, this book will enthrall you!

July, 2010 - Monique Muro, fourstars

Liberation is an appropriate title for book one of Maria Lucia’s intergalactic, otherworldly chronicle. More...

September, 2010 - Suzanne Montie, a reader: fourstars

In her premier novel, Maria Lucia offers her readers a thought provoking journey into the realm of the paranormal and the struggle between the forces of good and evil. Her central characters give one hope for a new and promising world, one where love, peace and harmony will exist. They make the reader want to believe there are greater forces at work in the universe, and that these beings may even take the time to focus on our fragile planet and right the wrongs that have taken centuries to accrue. For fantasy readers who love their country this is a must read!

from Star Shadow, fourstars

A fantastic novel written to captivate the reader and help you get lost into the story, Liberation is not my normal read however the characters were written into the story well, keeping you interested in what was going to happen next. 

A nicely written supernatural novel that will keep you interested and pleased through the novel. I would recommend this novel to those who would like a light and well put together novel.

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