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An Interview with Maria Lucia with “Association Puzzle ”

Association Puzzle Interviews Maria Lucia, author of ”Liberation”
Association Puzzle is pleased to interview Maria Lucia, author of “Liberation: Book One of The Andrusian Chronicles,” an extraordinary spiritual adventure and healing fable for our times.

Author Maria Lucia was inspired to write “Liberation” while living in Washington D.C. Visiting monuments and the National Archives made the story’s fragments come together as if the Andrusian race were calling her to write their chronicles. Readers who love history, science fiction, and the paranormal will find themselves freed from the mundane within the pages of “Liberation.” A tale that goes far beyond national politics, “Liberation” transports readers into dimensional worlds filled with dangerous and beautiful spirits. The journey ultimately reaches into the hidden worlds of the human psyche that will shape the future of earth and the human race.

AP: Early buzz is comparing “Liberation” to “The Celestine Prophecy.” How does this make you feel?

ML: Absolutely fantastic! I love the story of how James Redfield the author of Celestine travelled with his wife Sally promoting the book on their own. The readers took to the book like wildfire, spreading it from friend to friend via word of mouth. Humanity was ready for the story of Celestine like these times are ready for Liberation. That’s what makes me feel great, that people believe that about this title.

AP: Are there any similarities between “Liberation” and “Celestine”?

ML: They are both spiritually-based stories that hold profound changes in store for our human race. Although the stories are different, the way Liberation is unfolding in its launching feels the same to a lot of folks that know the story of how the Celestine Prophecy’s success in the literary world manifested. It’s the way the launching is unfolding that reminds them of Celestine in comparison more than the specific story, however we are at the beginning of Liberation’s unveiling so who knows there could be more coming!

AP: “Liberation” is a multi-layered, complex world with vivid characters. Have you thought about a movie version?

ML: Actually the folks that read the story before the book was launched picked up on the fact that it could easily be a film. I was too busy with the details of final editing to have sensed it first. But as I heard about the film over and over from different sources that were independent of each other, I realized that there was something to their observations. I just heard it again this week from a man in Denver, Colorado, who visited the website. He said the minute he saw the book trailer he realized Liberation was going to be a film. I feel that’s great!

AP: Who would you like to see play the main characters?

ML: I have ideas for some of the characters but not all of them. There are so many amazing actors in the movie business! I only have a handle on a few, but one character that matches nicely with an actor is the part of Guardian Mother. I feel Meryl Streep or Cate Blanchett would be amazing in this role. Either one would bring leadership, elegance and maturity to the role naturally, which the part entails.

I also see Colin Firth or David Hyde-Pierce for the part of Roger Reddington, the investigative reporter. The part has a comic overlay that either one could deliver nicely.

I see a serious, intense, and bearded Sean Bean or Ewan McGregor for the part of Gabriel Ephraim, Amora’s soul mate. But there are many powerful male actors to choose from and many that I don’t know. Whoever it is that ends up playing Gabriel in the film has to be able to deliver strong emotions and extreme passion for the spiritual world and this nation, and deliver it well. He has to hold a maturity of power and wisdom within himself naturally. There are many characters in the story that I don’t have actor suggestions for, like Nia and Casey the childlike Onaweyans, and Amora Madre, the main character, but it’s been really fun to feel out who would be great in the roles.

AP: You are a musician and singer and music is important in the book. Have you thought about writing a score, or having someone else write a score for the story?

ML: I felt the score when I was writing the story. It played inside me as I wrote some of the scenes and many times brought tears to my eyes. But the delivery of its power and musical complexity is beyond my capabilities. I know of one composer that I feel would do it justice and much more: John Williams. I fell in love with his music and abilities back at the beginning of the Star Wars trilogy and have followed his success for years. I have not heard anyone deliver the depth of feeling and emotional sensitivity that he brings into his scores. He’s my first choice.

AP: If your book could change one thing about the world, what would you like that to be?

ML: I would love for Liberation to change the way humanity views the existence of violence and suffering and the choice we have in eradicating it.

AP: What advice would you give a first-time author?

The most positive advice that I would give a first-time author is to tell them to allow themselves to be free when they write their story. I would ask them to take off all of their restrictions that they have laid upon themselves about the way it should be or shouldn’t be and set themselves free to write their tale. After they’ve completed the first or second strong draft then allow other people to come in and make it better – professionals only. I would strongly advise them to first craft from a free and unlimited space inside themselves. If they don’t know how to do this then it would pay off to get some help from teachers of the improvisational arts until they can. That way they learn to bring out their organic creativity and put it on paper rather than reaching out somewhere else.There are certain forms and guidelines about fiction however that they must follow, if that is their course. They must learn to be free within these guidelines.

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